Easter Sunday Breakfast @ Bag of Beans

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had an Easter Sunday celebration in Tagaytay and had breakfast at Bag of Beans. Since we're early, we had the place to ourselves and we enjoyed the nice ambiance and serenity of the place. This breakfast nook is set in an open garden with trees that keeps the place cool. The tables are strategically located, there are long tables for families, coffee tables for twosome, corners for those who wants to have a breakfast meeting. It has a talking 'mynah' bird at the center which my kids enjoyed talking to. We ordered their famous freshly baked raisin bread, pancakes, the breakfast platter and cups of freshly brewed 'kapeng barako' (coffee)>>their specialty. Although they are known for their coffee and breakfast, they also serve lunch and dinner. I was told their fruit shakes are must-try but I was too full to try. Bag of Beans customers have grown and it was about time they opened the other end for an expansion to accommodate more. We had great photo opportunities here and as usual Kyle taking his own shots.

Inside Bag of Beans
This was taken by Kyle - my 3-yr-old photographer wannabe
Breakfast Platter
Raisin Bread
Bag of Beans Expansion Wing

So in your quest to find a nook and unwind from city's hustle and bustle, Bag of Beans in Tagaytay is a must-try.


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