My Wensha Spa Experience

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My sister Wendy treated me and my mom, as my send off gift to a full body massage at Wensha Spa. My last day in the Philippines was spent entirely in this place, it is a 24-hour spa and the Full Body massage treatment that we availed comes with an "eat-all-you-can" buffet (Filipino and Hot pot style). The 680-pesos value of the massage is so "sulit" I wonder if I could find the same treat in Canada...haha.
We arrived a little after lunch so after checking in, we changed to our robes, put our things on our lockers and started our late lunch. We were seated near the big screen and we watched the Cory funeral/procession while we were having our meal. The viands are okay I only remember the Caldereta dish and the Pancit so it must have been good. The wet floors area has a very big screen too so while we dip in the hot bath, we can still watch the Cory funeral. Oh by the way, the difference here and the The Spa, is you have to take it all off, well being bare is nothing to me( at least in an all girls area of the spa), since I have given birth to 3 boys already.

After a few minutes at the jacuzzi, we went inside the steam sauna and stayed for at least 10 minutes, the mist is refreshing. The Dry Sauna is worth trying but I dared not because I can alrady feel the heat near the drinking water station beside it. The maximum no of hours you can stay in Wensha is up to 6 hours so we spent at least 2 hours here, then one hour massage, then one hour rest (I overslept while having manicure and pedicure >> I availed this for additional P180 each) then 2 hours eating hahaha. The Massage area is enclosed in different rooms, we chose one that can accomodate 3 persons. There is also a large common area for bigger groups (at least 10 in the upper room). According to the Massage Therapist (Glory is good being hard), the massage style is a combination of Swedish and Shiatsu but whatever that is, It felt good and I really felt relaxed and relieved of the pains and lamig lamig. I highly recommend Wensha Spa, imagine after eating, the relaxation treatment starts at the wet floors, then the massage, then you can eat again, then addtional treatments like footspa, scrubs, manicure or pedicure then eat again, then before you go, you can have free use of the kikay items like lotions, powders and a new set of toothbrush. Those I have mentioned, were not available in other spas that I know of. If you are stressed, need to relax or looking for a value for money Spa- WENSHA SPA is have to try it to believe what I'm saying...I bet lots of Wensha goers will agree...The next time I go back to the Philippines, I will definitely head to the CCP Complex in Boom na Boom and have a Wensha Spa treatment.