Trendy and inexpensive eyeglasses

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I came across this internet site while looking for new frames. The #1 online Rx glasses store provides a wide range of trendy frames and different types of lenses. I was thinking of getting bifocal lenses, good thing Zenni Optical is the place to find the lowest price progressive glasses. I saw this Titanium frame and wonder if this frame can be used with a progressive lens. There are other styles to choose from and somehow I can't decide whicn one to buy. All these eyeglasses are real good finds because of its value for money advantage.

I'm not the only one who find this site interesting and highly recommendable. Eric's Review of Zenni Optical is so helpful and information.

Mattamy Homes @ Mount Pleasant

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I got this free magazine on new homes and upon seeing the cover page which says "Village Square, Summer Pond, Winter Rink", I was intrigued. Then I realized that this is a perfect place to live. This neighborhood in Brampton has it own place for shopping, dining, entertainment, strolling and recreation. What I love to see are the parks, trails, playground, and other recreation facilities. It even has its own skating rink during winter and a pond during summer. There will be a village square along the lines of small-town squares and a library as central gathering space that connects people at the centre of the Village.

I was dreaming having my own bakeshop or coffeeshop in the main street where it will combine live/work spaces that will be great opportunity for family businesses, retail opportunities and professional services. Homes on the main street will have garages at the back, so the streetscape is more pleasing.

But then I saw this model, I couldn't help but drool. I like the grassed courtyard where my kids can play or Lito and I can relax sitting on lounges while waiting for the barbecue. I hope we can have something like this for our own home.