How to get to Caramoan

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's been three weeks and I couldn't get over our Caramoan experience. I want to encourage my readers to include the "Boracay and Palawan in one" paradise on the Bicol side of the archipelago in their next quest for fun and adventure. Going there is already an adventure, from Manila, one may opt to take the 8-hour bus ride (Bus companies like Isarog, Pe├▒afrancia, Raymond and Philtranco in Cubao Terminal offers trips bound to Naga - aircondition buses PHP 500-550, or take the plane, PAL, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air fly through this route. We availed the Cebu Pac's seat-all-you-can promo and we had a one hour flight, good thing we had an early morning flight so we didn't experience Cebu Pac's famous delays. From Naga Airport, there are vans waiting there to take you straight to Sabang Port but we took the cheaper alternative and looked for tricycle that will take us to van terminal going to Sabang. Tricycle fare costs 45-50 pesos per person. At Naga City terminal, take the aircon van going to Sabang and get ready to cruise for a 2hour drive. Fare is 90 pesos per person. In Sabang port, ride the motorized boat going to Guijalo Pier, Caramoan, fare is 120 pesos per person, trips starts at 7AM, 9AM and 11AM only. Expect a combination of rough and smooth sailing. We were too excited we didn't care for the bumps we experienced. At lunch time, we arrived in Guijalo port, tricycles can take you to Centro where the lodging houses are or straight to Paniman Bay. If you are staying in Rex Inn, they have a shuttle that picks up guests at Guijalo pier. It was a 10-15 minute trip going to Centro and half hour going to Paniman. In Paniman Bay, the take off point of boats going to the Caramoan Islands, you may opt to stay at La Playa or Tinago Inn. The ride going to Paniman was bumpy because some roads are not yet concrete. It was a long and adventurous way going to "the Paradise of Bicol" but it was all worth it. Maybe later, when the government of Cam Sur or Survivor producers discover easier and shorter route going to Caramoan, many people will flock to this peninsula but for now, tourists have no option but to take the mala-survivor challenge of going there.


carlamaldita said...

been wanting to go there for the longest time! hay! im so inggit!


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