Taipan tours for Eastern Canada Trip

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We had our very first Canada bus tour last Civic Holiday weekend. It was enjoyable because we didn't have to spend much. Here's the breakdown of all the expenses and the details of our itinerary:

Canada East 3Day Tours
Fees per person: CDN 132 (Bus tour and Hotel for 3 days) CDN 46 (Entrance fees and other charges-tips) with food (buffet style) lunch day2, lunch day3 and 1 dinner with service charge (CDN 113)

Day 1
Ottawa: Parliament Hill
Civilization Museum
Montreal: Dinner

Day 2
St. Joseph Oratory
Notre Dame Basilica
Olympic Stadium (Biodome, Montreal Tower)
Quebec: Old Quebec City

Day 3
Quebec City
1000 Islands Cruise (1 hour)

Those who are interested for this kind of trip on Labor day weekend or any other 3day-weekend may contact
Sarah Li - 416-917-9038


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