IPod and the internet

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have dreamt of having an IPhone but since I don’t have the regular source of income to afford a monthly subscription to get one, I will have to be content with Lito’s IPod Touch as my other form of relaxation. Last night, I found myself browsing the internet using this gadget (Before, I only use it to listen to music, reading an ebook, watch a movie or play games) and I was amazed. The Safari browser is different from the Explorer or Firefox which I am used to and gliding through the soft screen is exciting. The windows appear as another page and they move from one side to another as if moving sheets of paper. The Top sites feature of the Safari 4 browser displays the thumbnails of recently visited sites. I found this tip from a free articles directory where there are lots of articles submitted. The articles are listed in different categories and my favorite is Technology and computers which is a popular subject.

Well, I think I am still an IPod novice. While most of the gadget-hungry yuppies and youth went gaga over the chic MP3 players and sleek MacBook Air years ago, it’s only now that I am into it. Thanks to ITunes and other strategies to promote the IPod, Apple has tremendously reached that status with the trendy products and I guess I’m also hooked. One article submitted in web world articles explained what Apple really undertook to promote IPod. Now, Apple’s IPod is a huge success and the rest is history.


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