The other side of San Francisco - Marin County

Thursday, January 28, 2010

As young as he is, my firstborn already knows and looks forward going to the popular tourist destinations like the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty and the Golden Gate bridge. He saw some of my photos during my US trip last 2008 and he said he wants to have a picture taken in the NY and San Francisco landmarks. I also want to go back to San Francisco because I only had 6 hours to see the city. This time, I would love to see the Marin County side and avail the Mill Valley Hotel Deals.

There’s this hotel that we always stayed on while in the US and I’m sure there is a Holiday Inn California to try there. I like to explore this side of California because of its scenic beauty. This Mill Valley Holiday Inn is surrounded by trees and bird sanctuary and there’s also a biking and jogging path to provide the guests options for physical activities while on their vacation. After going around San Francisco and exploring the different sites and attractions, it’s a pleasant nook to stay in this side for the much needed rest and relaxation. A modern respite with the latest technology in your rooms in the midst of natural beauty.


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